Kim S

DNA methylation associated with healthy aging of elderly twins

Kim S, Wyckoff J, Morris AT, Succop A, Avery A, Duncan GE, Michal Jazwinski S. Variation in healthy aging and lifespan is ascribed more to various non-genetic factors than to inherited genetic determinants, and a major goal in aging research is to reveal the epigenetic basis of aging. One approach to this goal is to […]

The Genetics & Epigenetics of Healthy Aging in Twins

PI: Sangkyu KimProject Number: 5P20GM103629Sub-Project ID: 8393Project Dates: 8/1/2012–5/31/2017 Aging can be defined as progressive deterioration of various biological functions with gradual increase in the risk of disease and death. This phenomenon is very complex with both genetic and non-genetic factors in action. The heritability of human longevity is estimated to be somewhere between 0.15 and […]