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Measuring and modelling perceptions of the built environment for epidemiological research using crowd-sourcing and image-based deep learning models

Background: Perceptions of the built environment, such as nature quality, beauty, relaxation, and safety, may be key factors linking the built environment to human health. However, few studies have examined these types of perceptions due to the difficulty in quantifying them objectively in large populations. Objective: To measure and predict perceptions of the built environment […]

Bring Your Own Location Data: Use of Google Smartphone Location History Data for Environmental Health Research

Background: Environmental exposures are commonly estimated using spatial methods, with most epidemiological studies relying on home addresses. Passively collected smartphone location data, like Google Location History (GLH) data, may present an opportunity to integrate existing long-term time-activity data. Objectives: We aimed to evaluate the potential use of GLH data for capturing long-term retrospective time-activity data […]