Wurfel MM

Genetic pleiotropy between asthma and obesity in a community-based sample of twins

Hallstrand TS, Fischer ME, Wurfel MM, Afari N, Buchwald D, Goldberg J Asthma and obesity are common conditions that are strongly associated. This association might be due to shared genetic or environmental causes. We sought to determine whether a shared genetic cause is responsible for the association between asthma and obesity and to estimate the magnitude […]

Host Variability in Innate Inflammatory Responses

PI: Mark WurfelProject Number: 1K23HL072923Project Dates: 9/8/2003–8/31/2008 The major scientific goal of this proposal is to determine the relative role that genetic mechanisms play in controlling inter-individual variability in inflammatory responses to bacterial products and to characterize the role of specific genes in determining this variability. The proposed studies will focus on inflammatory responses to bacterial […]