Genetic and environmental influences on restrained eating behavior

Objective: We examined the relative contributions of genetic and environmental influences to restrained eating. Method: Restrained eating was assessed by the Restraint Scale in a survey mailed to all twins enrolled in the University of Washington Twin Registry. We used structural equation modeling to estimate genetic and nongenetic contributions to restrained eating. Results: 1,196 monozygotic (MZ), 456 same-sex […]

A twin study of depression and migraine: Evidence for a shared genetic vulnerability

Objective: To determine if shared genetic or environmental vulnerabilities could underlie depression and migraine. Background: Depression and migraine headaches frequently coexist and their comorbidity may be due to shared etiologies. Methods: Female twins in the University of Washington Twin Registry responded to a mailed survey regarding their health history. Depression and migraine were determined by self-report of a […]