Genetic and environmental influences on restrained eating behavior

Schur E, Noonan C, Polivy J, Goldberg J, Buchwald D We examined the relative contributions of genetic and environmental influences to restrained eating. Restrained eating was assessed by the Restraint Scale in a survey mailed to all twins enrolled in the University of Washington Twin Registry. We used structural equation modeling to estimate genetic and non-genetic […]

A twin study of depression and migraine: Evidence for a shared genetic vulnerability

Schur E, Noonan C, Buchwald D, Goldberg J, Afari N To determine if shared genetic or environmental vulnerabilities could underlie depression and migraine. Depression and migraine headaches frequently coexist and their comorbidity may be due to shared etiologies. Female twins in the University of Washington Twin Registry responded to a mailed survey regarding their health history. Depression […]