2019 Twins Get Together

The contact information update form sent out during the 2018 thank you mailing received many responses from twins indicating that they wanted an event where they could meet other twins and learn about research being done by the WSTR. On June 19, 2019 we held the first Twins Get Together event at WSU Everett. 47 twins (21 complete pairs) attended this free evening event. Food was provided, and twins had the chance to talk with other twins and read about our research studies. We gave a short presentation about why twin studies are important, our past and present research, and addressed some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from twins, such as questions about zygosity (whether twins are identical or fraternal). Finally, we played a fun game of twin-themed BINGO which led into time for the twins to share stories with each other about their unique experiences as a twin.

We received positive feedback and will be planning similar get togethers for twins living near other WSU campuses. We are also in the early planning stages of a large celebration of twins to take place in the summer of 2020.