The Genetics and Epigenetics of Healthy Aging in Twins

Aging is complex process, involving both genetic and non-genetic factors.  Genetics contribute to the rate of change for bodily functions and risk of disease, but these changes can also be influenced by the environment. The goal of this study was to learn more about the genes that are related to healthy aging, and how the aging process is influenced by environmental factors. By looking at genetic information, physical condition, family history, medical history, and life experiences across participants, researchers may be able to determine how these factors work together to create the overall aging experience.

This study collected data from 2013 to 2014. 275 same-sex twins 65 and older participated, with more of a focus on fraternal twins. The average age of participants in this study was 75, and the oldest participants were 91. All data collection was completed at home. Twins completed a packet of questionnaires, provided a saliva sample, and provided a small sample of blood collected by a finger stick.