Study of Air Pollution in Twins (R21 phase)

This study seeks to understand how the environment influences our health by testing a new device that will measure toxins in the environment. These toxins include air pollution, noise, and allergens. This study includes 2 waves, with the potential for a third. For the first wave, twins will come to our office in downtown Seattle to receive the devices and instructions for use. The in-person visit also includes collecting height and weight measurements. Data is collected at home for one week. At the end of the week, twins will return to our office to participate in an in-person focus group with 2-3 other pairs of twins. Based on the feedback that we receive, we will make changes to the devices, which we expect to take about 6 months. For wave 2, we will send updated study devices and have twins collect data for an additional week. At the end of wave 2, study materials are sent back to us, and twins will participate in an online Skype session with 2-3 other pairs of twins. If a third wave is necessary, it will be completed in the same way as the second.