Available Data

Enrollment Survey

The enrollment survey is sent to all twins in order to enroll in the Registry.

Health & Wellbeing Questionnaire

The health & wellbeing questionnaire is sent every 2 years after the initial enrollment survey to collect follow-up data from our enrolled members.

Questionnaire Assessment Domains

Enrollment Survey Health & Wellbeing
     Sociodemographics x x
     Zygosity x
     Height and weight x x
     Physical activity x x
     Sleep x x
     Eating habits x x
     Allergies x x
     Health functioning x x
     Alcohol use x x
     Tobacco use x x
     Pain conditions x x
     Fatigue x x
     Head injury x x
     Depression x x
     Anxiety x x
     Posttraumatic Stress x x
     Resilient coping x
     Perceived stress x x
     Five-factor personality traits x
     Geocoded data for environmental exposures x x