Why join the Washington State Twin Registry?

What does it mean to be a Twin Registry member?

The Washington State Twin Registry is a database of twins who are interested in participating in research on health and behavior. Periodically, Twin Registry members are invited to participate in new studies developed by prominent scientists around the world. Your participation in any study is completely voluntary and you can withdraw from a study any time.

Some of our studies involve in-person visits, while others are conducted by telephone or through the mail. This allows us to include twins no matter where they live.

What are the benefits of joining the Twin Registry?

There are no direct benefits or compensation to you and your twin for completing our enrollment survey and joining the Twin Registry. If both you and your twin decide to become Twin Registry members, you both may be invited to participate in specific studies based on the information you provided in your enrollment survey. If you are invited to participate in a study, our staff will tell you about the requirements of the study and whether any compensation is available. Compensation for participation in a study varies, and is based on the type of involvement and the amount of time required.

Your participation in twin studies through the Washington State Twin Registry is a great benefit to society as a whole. You and your twin may help researchers gain a better understanding of how we stay healthy and what makes us sick. Studying identical and fraternal twin pairs gives researchers the oppportunity to better understand genetic and environmental influences on health and illness. Many twin pairs are necessary to do such research. Your participation and the information you provide will help us continue to increase scientific knowledge that will allow us all to be healthier.