Below are some links to educational videos about topics related to twins. We hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. If you have watched an educational video about twins that you would like to share, please click here to send it to us!

Beyond our genes: Identical with one big difference
“Twin sisters Kristin and Maren Hallenga are the founders of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! Following Kristin’s diagnosis with secondary breast cancer in 2009, they made it their mission to ensure other young people don’t find themselves in a similar situation to Kris; where they’re told the cancer cannot be cured because it was found late. Kristin has been tested for the known breast cancer genes but is not a carrier, yet Maren still stands a slightly higher chance of being diagnosed with the disease. These twins show continuous strength and determination, working tirelessly on raising awareness of breast cancer among young people throughout the UK.”

“Hank & his clone Circus Hank explain the power of epigenetics, which studies the factors that determine how much or whether some genes are expressed in your body.”

Epigenetics and the influence of our genes
“Because we want to understand what genes are required for blood vessel development, Courtney Griffin studies certain enzymes that help turn genes on and off. These enzymes are specifically involved in relaxing DNA that is normally tightly coiled up in our cells.”

Identically Different
“Tim Spector is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Founder of TwinsUK. His talk challenges the current genetic dogma explaining why identical twins are far from identical and how environmental factors interplay with our genes to shape our health and identity.”

Nature or Nurture? Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
“Twins offer an amazing opportunity to study the effects of genetics versus environment. University of Virginia professor Eric Turkheimer studies the genetics of complex human behavior. What role do individual genes play in our paths in life?”

Nova: Epigenetics
“Once nurture seemed clearly distinct from nature. Now it appears that our diets and lifestyles can change the expression of our genes. How? By influencing a network of chemical switches within our cells collectively known as the epigenome. This new understanding may lead us to potent new medical therapies.”

Pure Science Specials – Double Identity
“The study of twins is changing our understanding of how personality traits are linked to genes. Double Identity brings you inside these studies, to understand how much of twins’ actions are due to their environments, and how much is hardwired from birth.”

Twins: Is it all in the Genes?
“Dr. Nancy Segal has studied reunited twins for more than 30 years. With Lisa Ling acting as her research assistant, together they interview twins Linda and Doreen, who spent 35 years apart. The results of their interviews will help science understand the effects of nature vs. nurture on traits present in each twin.”

The Year-Long Twin Astronauts Experiment
“Astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko will soon undertake a historic, record-breaking mission: to live in space for an entire year. And scientists will have some extra help studying the effects of this extended stay on the astronauts — Kelly’s twin brother Mark!”